58: Returning abducted child before parental abduction was a crime – a discussion with Donna Foster Zahid hosted by Deanielle Dawra

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Donna was a young mother looking forward to a bright future with her husband and young son. One day, that bright future turned into a dark nightmare when her husband whisked their son off to his native country, Pakistan, and announced that the young boy would remain there. Effectively kidnapped, the boy had no idea where his parents were nor the anguish his mother was going through. We are all led to believe that our government is there for us. Donna immediately went through “the system” of government help and found stone wall after stone wall. With no other choice, she took matters into her own hands. Donna tells a stirring and compelling story of clandestine meetings, tense moments with gun-toting Pakistani officials, and a lot of prayer. The happy ending reunites Donna with her son. Seeing my God part the sea, knowing faith opened every door along the way!

You can find Donna’s book here