A Conversation with Dan Hund, Left Behind Parent from Seattle, US (Part 1)

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In this episode of you're double podcast, we are speaking to Dan Hund, a left behind parent from Seattle, United States.

We have made this conversation with him into three parts as we spoke for more than 12 hours on various topics related to parental alienation. Now, Dan's situation is pretty unique and you will see soon enough that he has the ability to verbalize and explain what he had gone through very well.

With that said, the stories that he told us explain deeply about things that are mentioned by experts that we have spoken to before in this podcast. I implore you to listen and try to relate back to things mentioned in our previous episodes with the experts as you will see obvious signs of narcissistic behaviour, manipulation and gaslighting, alienation happening while still being married, and so much more.  

In the first part of this three part series with Dan, we talk about everything that led to his divorce and separation. We go in detail about every event that resulted in his ex-wife getting pregnant, how he was controlled through his relationship with her and how does it feel to be alienated while you are still married.

We have purposely marked this episode as explicit because we do go into some adult themes through this episode. For those of you who are younger than 18 years old or a minor, I strongly suggest that you get the guidance of someone knowledgeable if you are not sure about things we are talking about.


I would like to remind everyone that our goal here is to share knowledge with you guys and show that you are not alone in this. With that said, if you need specific legal advice, please get independent advice from a qualified legal practitioner.

If you are a minor, or if you happen to have difficulty in understanding certain parts within this episode, please approach a responsible adult or someone knowledgeable and ask them for clarifications. We have done our best to make sure that it doesn't offend anyone and if you have further questions or comments regarding Find My Parent or the interview, you can mail me at sk@findmyparent.org.

If you are someone who got separated from your own parent, and would like to find your parent again, please go to https://findmyparent.org and fill out your details. With the help of our smart algorithms and matching technology, we hope to help you find your alienated parent again. If you are part of an NGO or even a private company passionate about this topic, please reach out through the contact us page in findmyparent.org and we hope to work together with you. (https://findmyparent.org/contact).

Alright folks, That is it for this week, and speak to you next week! Take care till then.