Empowering Individuals

If your child has been abducted or you think may be at risk of being abducted – domestically or internationally – Find My Parent is here to empower you with knowledge, tech tools and resources to help you prevent abduction and reunite with your child. Our resources are available in a number of languages and cover the globe.

  1.  App – Start searching for your parent or child today via our mobile app
  2. Knowledge base – Educate yourself on parental alienation and abduction
  3. Podcast – Listen to our podcast featuring left-behind parents and experts
  4. Directory – Search for support services around the world
  5. Share your story – Share your story with Find My Parent’s visitors
  6. Events – Stay updated on the latest events on parental alienation and abduction from around the world
  7. Parent form – Share details of your child’s abduction so FMP can improve advocacy efforts
  8. Parent support group – Connect with parents from around the world going through parental alienation and abduction
  9. Rahm letter – Take part in FMP’s latest advocacy campaign to demand change for children abducted in and to Japan
  10. Donation – FMP is able to empower victims of parental abduction thanks to your generous support. Consider forgoing your daily coffee and donating that amount to a great cause!

Believe in the same thing that we do? 

Children who grow up in single-parent homes or who are abducted by one of their parents struggle with a number of psychological issues. They are at-risk for emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. They are more likely to suffer from poverty, limiting their access to quality education and health services. Research shows that children and adults who’ve suffered from child parental abduction also experience psychological issues and generational trauma as they’re robbed of half of their identity — sometimes losing an entire culture, language, and the support of extended family.​

Children Affected Globally

Find My Parent is committed to raising awareness globally on the following issues: kidnapping, child abuse, parental child abduction, parental alienation and human trafficking.

While the database is in English, Spanish, Danish and Japanese currently, our team is working hard to expand our global reach by translating the website and database so it’s available in 20 of the most commonly spoken languages. We work hand-in-hand with our partners around the world advocating for effective policy changes to ensure that each and every missing child is reunited with their families as quickly as possible.