Barnets rätt till familjeliv: 25 svenska fallstudier av föräldraalienation

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The name of the book is . If a child is separated from a parent whom the child was attached to and loved, then the child’s psychological and emotional development, as well as the child’s health, is destroyed. It is a mental abuse situation, which is not identified as such by the child. The child has to ally himself to the parent whom the child depends on, and reject the other parent. In many cases, the alienating parent gets support both from social authorities and from the legal system. The child incorporates an unfounded and false belief about the other parent and starts joining the condemnation. The child demonstrates the acquired aversion by refusing all kinds of contact, often also with the grandparents on the rejected parents’ side. This process, parental alienation, is not unusual in severe custody conflicts. It violates the child’s legal and human right to family life. Twenty-five Swedish cases of sever parental alienation are presented.