Parental Alienation Survival Coach

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Parental alienation is a form of bullying, domestic violence, and psychological abuse that severs normal parent/child bonds. The catastrophic results in children tormented this way can include teen pregnancy, depression, gang involvement, susceptibility to predators, eating disorders, and youth suicide. Immense feelings of helplessness overcome parents whose children have been enlisted in coalitions against them. After devoting their lives to trying to revert this tragedy, some parents who feel their lives have lost their meaning become withdrawn, passive and suicidal. captures the feelings of shock, confusion and helplessness that parents experience as they are pushed out of their children’s lives, and their desperate struggle for education to understand what’s happening. Follow along on every alienated parent’s journey from crushing heartbreak, to wellness, despite significant open wounds. Chapters alternate from sad, to funny, to inspirational, to hopeful and include healing, humor, heart, prayers, verses, self-care and an exclusive 6-step program!