Topic: Japan The untold Story


We, the plaintiffs (TBD) have been seperated from their parents and their minor children by the Rules of Domestic Relations Case Procedure Act (Family Procedures Act), unable to meet and participate in child-rearing. In violation of the Japanese Constitution and international treaties, their benefits and rights of child-rearing were not realized, so they formed a class and decided to sue the government in the coming weeks for damages with a state remand lawsuit.

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私達は、虐待やネグレクトなどの疑いをかけられ、我が子を児童相談所に一時保護され、帰してもらえなくなったり、一切面会もさせてもらえなくなった全国の親が集まった原告団です。 私たち、児童相談所の誤認保護により分離させられた被害者一同は、実際に保護され幸運にも出ることができた子どもや勇気を持って逃げ出して来た子ども達と一緒に、 1、戦争孤児のためにでき今尚続いている劣悪な保護施設に保護されていて助けを求めている子ども達を救い出し、 2、令和にふさわしい子どもの権利条約を遵守した子どものための法律、また安心して親子が家族が生活していける法律や制度への改正を目指して活動していきます。 

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Children Sue Japan (with English subtitles)

We are a group of plaintiffs from all over the country who have been suspected of abusing or neglecting children, have had our children temporarily placed in a child consultation center, and are unable to return or even meet our children. With this alone, some people might have a preconceived notion that “Weren’t there really abuse or neglect? ”. But if that is the case, there is no need to bring it to trial. There are many families like a case occured in Akashi city, Hyogo prefecture, shown in .

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200,000 Japanese children robbed of their mom or dad each year!

Japanese children pay the price for the country’s single custody law and miss out on the love of a parent.