Joshi Parental Alienation: Remedies

This article, written by PASG member Ashish Joshi, recommends interventions for parental alienation. The article focuses on several myths regarding parental alienation that frequently come up in legal settings.

Joshi Parental Alienation: The Problem

This article, written by PASG member Ashish Joshi, provides a broad overview of parental alienation and related topics. Although it is primarily directed at legal professionals, it is good reading for the general public.

Goetsch The Windmill Attack

The author explains that the “windmill attack” is a swindle involving three parties: a dvorcing spouse (who uses accusations to win sympathy); a lawyer (who turns sham litigation into money); and a social worker (who turns a forensic report into sole custody). The trigger spouse wins control, money, and revenge. The target spouse loses their […]

Dijkstra “I did not see my daughters for years.” The Impact of Coercive Control on Post-Divorce Relationships between Mothers and Children

This material was presented at the II European Conference on Domestic Violence, which occurred during September 6-9, 2017. The author addressed the continuing tactic of coercive control, through which one parent reorients their children’s view of the other parent to sabotage their parent-child relationship. This article was posted on the PASG website with the permission […]