Father, lawyer on Lebanon custody case

AP TELEVISION Beirut – 20 April 2016 1. Sally Faulkner, mother at the centre of a custody dispute, being led into prison truck to be taken back to prison 2. Various of truck leaving 4. Pan from exterior of court to Ali El Amine speaking to press 5. SOUNDBITE (English) Ali El Amine, Father: “At […]

Lawyer on Lebanon child custody case

Beirut – 20 April 2016 1. Van carrying three male members of Australian TV crew arriving at women’s prison to pick up female journalist Tara Brown and Australian mother Sally Faulkner 2. Various of TV crew inside vehicle 3. Cameramen filming inside van 4. Exterior of courthouse entrance 5. Lawyer Joe Karam on his phone […]

Custody father: Children staying in Lebanon

Beirut – 20 April 2016 ++AUDIO AS INCOMING++ 1. SOUNDBITE (English) Ali El Amine, Lebanese father of two children in custody dispute: “Technically we live here, they (the children) will be staying.” UPSOUND, journalist: “(Inaudible) to Australia?” “Maybe down the track, when things cool off, we talk a bit more. Maybe, why not.” 2. Pan […]