Find My Parent is focused on long-term global change as it pertains to child custody laws, accountability and increasing awareness on the importance of joint custody and co-parenting. We believe that by collaboration we can achieve this large-scale goal as a unified force and create the needed changes that would not be possible for an organization to do on their own.

We are a global nonprofit, and we can work with partners in multiple countries by helping provide local resources, thought leadership and support.

Resources for those impacted in 30+ countries

With data covering 30+ countries

Available in over 30+ countries for easy accessibility

Corporate Partnerships

We are looking to partner with corporations that share our vision of securing children’s rights. Through focused partnerships we can create innovative collaborations that will help us transform the narrative and therefore help us shift significant change in parenting custody cases and joint-custody and co-parenting worldwide. Some of these opportunities include:

Working with Corporate Government and Corporate Affairs teams on shared advocacy goals that seek to affect policy changes as it pertains to children’s rights. While working together on amplification via shared and focused communication strategies

Employee engagement at the global and local levels via pro bono projects and/or single day volunteer to help us with our cause

Amplifying our message via Company Philanthropic and Employee giving programs

Co-design campaigns focused on amplifying our message and enacting change


We believe that by coming together for the purpose of creating a visionary policy change proposal in joint-custody and co-parenting laws by default. Grounded in the personal experience of those directly impacted by children and those children who are now adults. We function as an umbrella organization/alliance of internationally based NGO’s focused on defending children’s rights to access to both their parents when parents are willing and able. In this capacity we can increase efficiency in our resources and messaging, while bringing collective support and impact to large-scale initiatives.