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Parental abduction and alienation are much more common than many think. Left-behind parents and children who are forced to grow up without the unconditional love of their mother or father must be heard. Find My Parent is committed to sharing their stories.

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My name is Nicolaos, I am a Swedish citizen, and by origin Greek. I decided to create this website to share my personal experience with my case-specific facts, and also to give some advice to others, from the perspective of a left-behind parent. I would also like to expose the judicial atrocities in Belarus where mediocre, ignorant, and incompetent officials in the Judicial and Public Administration managed to vandalize and pervert the law without taking any consequences as long as they support the current political corrupt system of Belarus. These individuals, with a lack of self-respect and dignity, these are the real PARASITES of Belarus!

The personal blog of Brian Duzet, a left behind parent. Description: Adriana Coronel Tenorio abducted me on November 10, 2008. Jailed for my abduction in 2016 she’s a fugitive & recently changed my name to hide.


200,000 Japanese children robbed of their mom or dad each year!

Japanese children pay the price for the country’s single custody law and miss out on the love of a parent.