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south korea

Two children abducted to South Korea

Check out full story and updates at This is the story of an international parental child abduction which has been going on for almost three years.

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Vincent Fichot

A father on a mission to reunite with his kids by any means neccessary.

In 2018, Vincent Fichot came home to an empty house in Tokyo, Japan. His wife, 3-year-old son and 11-month-old daughter had vanished. All he had done was suggest that he might want a divorce. He hasn’t seen or heard from his family since, and every effort to contact or reunite with his family has been blocked by his wife, her lawyers, Japanese courts, the police, policymakers from Japan and even his own country of origin – France. This includes Emmanuel Macron, French President and Josep Borrell, Spanish politician serving as High Representative of the European Union.

Now, with nowhere else to go, Vincent has started a hunger strike in a desperate attempt to reunite with his kids.
You can follow along through his journey with the hunger strike with daily video updates and news coverage through this page.

Here’s a quick recap of everything that you need to know about Vincent’s decision to go on a hunger strike, recorded 4 days before he started the strike.