You're Double by Find My Parent

Find My Parent is proud to present its ‘You’re Double’ podcast hosted by Sathyvelu Kunashegaran. While over at, we have developed innovative technology to reunite children with their families, we also believe its important to dive deep into the topics affecting children and separated families to address the root causes of parental abduction and alienation. ‘You’re Double’ will do just that by asking the tough questions to experts and thought leaders about relationships, marriage, divorce, parental alienation, joint custody, co-parenting, and so much more. These experts will often include family therapists, divorce lawyers, politicians, social workers, and government employees. Most importantly, the podcast gives space for people who have been directly impacted by parental alienation, parental abduction and divorce to share their stories. We will be releasing new episodes every Wednesday with our first episode coming next week. Do bookmark and add us to your favorite podcast app.

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“Japan, Gold Medal Winner of Parental Abduction Olympics” – Scott McIntyre, Left Behind Parent, Japan

Scott was detained for 45 days in Tokyo for trespassing when he went to his in-laws’ apartment to seek information on his two children. He remains married, has no restraining order against him, retains full parental rights, but has not been able to see his children since May 2019, when his wife left with them. While researching for the our petition, I watched a video of Scott on YouTube, and I knew that we needed to get him on the podcast to explain further why the petition that we created is important.

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Opinions of a 15-Year-old on Parental Alienation, Divorce, Marriages, Foster Care, etc.

This episode is rather unconventional compared to our normal content where we talk to parents, experts and mainly adults about parenting, alienation, divorces and so on. In this episode, we are talking to Jayden Martinez, a 15 year old who have valuable insights into how she thinks about her parents marriage, her experience with foster kids, her views on parental alienation, divorce, marriage, having kids and so on.

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200,000 Japanese children robbed of their mom or dad each year!

Japanese children pay the price for the country’s single custody law and miss out on the love of a parent.