Getting children returned home from a non-Hague country: a discussion with Attorney Mohammed Ayouby, co-hosted by Basil Sharaf & Deanielle Dawra

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In this episode of You’re Double, we welcome Lebanese Attorney and co-founder of IHOPE civil organization, Mohammed Ayouby. Mohammed explains the challenges surrounding parental abduction and the Hague Convention in countries with religious courts and how he was able to use the local justice system to get children returned home from Lebanon – a non-Hague country.

Mohammed also shares how he used his legal background and passion to found IHOPE – a civil organization for lobbying and campaigns, legal clinic and strategic studies concerning abduction and migration issues.

If you want to learn more about IHOPE work and read their latest newsletter issues, please visit You can also reach Attorney Mohammed and the IHOPE team via whatsapp +961 3 060 681

If you have also been affected by parental abduction – anywhere in the world – please consider sharing details about your story via FMP’s website. This collection of data will be used to better lobby policymakers around the world to prioritize reform needed to end parental abduction.

Stay tuned next week for a great discussion with LBP and advocate Dr. Noelle Hunter who shared how we successfully got her daughter returned from Mali to the United States and is continuing to support child survivors (and parents) of parental abduction through her work with iStand Parent Network Inc.