How is custody defined and decided under Japanese civil code: a discussion with Japanese attorney Shuntaro Ogawa

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In today’s bonus episode of You’re Double, we feature Japanese attorney at law Shuntaro Ogawa. Ogawa works at MIRAIO law firm founded in 2009 by attorney Kenshi Nishida. With the philosophy of “A Future for All,” the firm provides legal services that give peace of mind to all people and companies. MIRAIO has handled numerous disputes, including debt settlement cases, hepatitis B lawsuits, divorce cases, and inheritance cases. To date, the company has consulted on more than 400,000 cases

In today’s episode, in Japanese, Ogawa speaks about what exactly custody means under the Japanese Civil Code and how it is decided when parents divorce.

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Stay tuned next week for another episode of You’re Double featuring Lebanese attorney Mohammed Ayouby who has been successful in navigating the complex religious courts in Lebanon to get numerous children returned to the US even though Lebanon is not a signatory of the Hague Convention.