Fighting for change to Japan’s parental abduction issue: a discussion with human right’s lawyer Jessica Finelle, hosted by Deanielle Dawra

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Print This online event will be an interactive discussion with families who have been reunited after parental abduction to or in Japan. The panel will be made up of parents who have reunited with their children abducted to or in Japan as well as an international lawyer who has supported families with their children abducted to or in Japan. These families have reunited using various means including: local courts, Japanese courts as well as technology and will discuss this during the event. Participants will have chance to ask questions to the panel.

“This episode features Human Rights Lawyer Jessica Finelle of the Zimeray & Finelle law firm, headquartered in Paris with offices in London and Geneva.

Jessica has proven to be a fierce advocate for children abducted to Japan. In this episode she shares more about the complaint she files with the UN Human Rights Council against Japan for serious violations of children rights, as well as what she thinks needs to be done to end parental abduction in Japan, including actions that the French government should be taking.

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