A discussion with Maria Moriyama about child abduction in Japan – even grandparents abduct, hosted by Deanielle Dawra

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In this episode, we speak with Maria Moriyama whose daughter was abducted by her paternal grandmother in Japan. Maria summarizes her story in Japanese at the beginning of the podcast and then goes onto sharing it in more detail in English.

A Swedish citizen, Maria spent over a decade married to her Japanese husband. The two had four children together. However, as the marriage dissolved Maria’s oldest daughter was abducted – by her grandmother. Today, her daughter remains with the grandmother in Japan with no access to education, quality healthcare and to her mother, two of her siblings, other family or friends.

Find My Parent ask our listeners to help us send a unified and strong voice to our decision-makers that we have had enough to parental abduction in Japan. Please do so by signing the letter on our website. Any nationality and even non-affected persons can do so. Do not forget to share the site with your friends, families and colleagues!