A Conversation with Ashley-Nicole Russell (Award Winning Family Law Attorney, Author, And Speaker)

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In this episode of You're Double podcast, we are speaking to Ashley-Nicole Russell, Esq. an award-winning family law attorney, author, and speaker who is changing the way divorce is perceived around the world. As a child of divorce and divorcee, she brings a unique, relatable, and personal understanding to her clients and the communities she serves. With more than a decade of experience in collaborative law, Ashley-Nicole knows first-hand how this model benefits families during separation and divorce. This method, which Ashley-Nicole used in her own divorce, allows the couple to move forward peacefully with understanding and respect for each other. Of course, we talk at length about this process in this episode. She is the author of The Cure for Divorce Culture and the host of the Divorce, Healthy! podcast. She is an advisor for co-parenting app Fayr and is a member of the national board of directors for the National Parents Organization. I am also joined by Tomas Savickas in this podcast. Tomas is a left behind parent from Lithuania and currently residing in Japan.

Ashley-Nicole's Book: https://www.amazon.com/Cure-Divorce-Culture-Ashley-Nicole-Russell/dp/1732553807/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

Ashley Nicole's Podcast: https://anrlaw.com/divorce-healthy-podcast/

Ashley-Nicole's Services: https://anrlaw.com/

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