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PAS Intervention, a 501c3 nonprofit for dealing with Parental Alienation, Custodial Interference, Coercive Control & Hostile Aggressive Parenting. PAS Intervention have been around since 1996 and officially a Nonprofit since June 2011.  No matter what you call it, it is a form of psychological abuse when a parent is alienated from their children.  At PAS Intervention, we are dedicated to Ending Psychological Child Abuse and Parental Alienation through educational awareness, research/development, free online support groups, legislation, legal and any other venue available to us. 

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Our Mission is to prevent and intervene in the snowball effect of this type of hostile and aggressive parenting that leads to Parental Alienation by Education and Training as many professionals and laypersons as possible.  A major part of this organizations work involves online support groups that have been running since 2000 for alienated parents whose relationship with their children is or has been impeded.  PAS Intervention seeks to continue to provide FREE services including being able to provide:

1) Free 24/7 online support

2) Providing reduced consulting rates

3) Assisting parents to gain control over their own lives and learn to live HHSS.

4) Provide financial assistance for parents to properly fight for their children's rights and parental rights to have a healthy relationship with both parents

5) Provide financial resources for research and studies

6) Continual providing educational awareness through lectures, webinars, seminars, flyers, billboards, experts and more.

7) Assist in getting legislative regulations developed that will provide the courts, and professionals ways to properly address this type of psychological abuse.

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