Fundraising for Reunite Ukraine
Helping Reunite 700,000+ Children with their parents

“Facial recognition has become one of the most widely discussed technology solutions in recent years. Advocates such as myself point to its ability to make us all safer, to offer added convenience to users and to underpin operational efficiencies. Meanwhile critics tend to fall into one of two camps. They either claim it doesn’t work, or conversely that it is an invasion of privacy and therefore a threat to society. Some of the concerns about how the technology is to be deployed are valid. However, history has almost always shown that those who seek to stand in the way of technological advancement find themselves on the wrong side of the debate.”

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Find My Parents ‘s EIN is 85-2164861

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Is this donation tax deductible?

Find My Parent has been recognized for its work and transparency with the highest seal by Candid – the Platinum Seal. Check out our full profile here.

Does GMP Plating match donations?

GMP Plating will match each donation – dollar for dollar – as a discount on your next bill, up to $200,000 total for the campaign

What will the donations be used for?

Your donation will support Find My Parent:

  • Launch an international PR campaign to reach all Ukrainians in need of family reunification and/or at risk of separation
  • Advance its technology towards its goal of finalizing the first-ever centralized database of all missing Ukrainian persons that AI constantly checks for matches
  • Work towards replicating its technology for other cases of mass separation such as in Armenia and at the US-Mexico border.

Can I send a check?

Of course! You can make your check payable to Find My Parent. And then send to the following address: 740 Jarvis Drive, Morgan Hill, California, 95037 United States of America