What we do?

Using the power of technology, FMP empowers families to reunite. Without changes to social norms and legal systems, parental abduction and alienation will never be resolved. That is why we address the root causes through edutainment, empowerment, and advocacy.


Our platform takes the solution to parental abduction out of the hands of uninterested politicians, authorities, or defunct laws, and puts it in the hands of those affected the most: children, parents, and families. Those affected are empowered to take action by re-connecting with their loved ones; FMP also gives them a voice through our podcast, social media, and refined technology.


FMP uses edutainment, storytelling, and animation to spread awareness among children and adolescents on their right to access both parents.


FMP knows that a sustainable solution to parental alienation and abduction is grounded in strong child-friendly laws and the enforcement of those laws. By uniting all victims, civil society organizations, and stakeholders under a common umbrella, we leverage resources and lobby policymakers around the world for legislative reform on child custody, parental alienation, as well as domestic and international parental abduction.

How do we use your donations?

Working Together