ASL Radio Keith Wann and Wink – Bring Jacob Home

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Information: My son Jacob is a perfect beautiful little man. He was born premature and has had health problems but never had anything less than a joyful demeanor. He made parenting easy, just always smiling and laughing. The last time I saw him was in April of 2009 after a two week vacation to Tampa. I have called/emailed her and her relatives begging for word, pictures, or leaving messages and still have never heard an explanation as to why his mother took her and left. Money problems and what looks like personal issues seem to have been the catalyst to her absconding with our son. My Brother, My Best Friend, and a few other Heros have kept this fight going. Law enforcement didn’t want to get involved until I looked up the statutes (federal and state) and held their feet to the fire. There are something like 1,100-1,400 international parental abduction cases every year. 14 others in Colombia in addition to mine. The most famous case you may recall is the David Goldstein vs Brasil, that was especially tragic because the mother had already passed away and it was 3 more years before David got his son Sean back. I have maxed out every credit card and called in every favor I could, but it is just a daunting task to try and stay the course when you consider the limits of finances and the possibility of putting my sons mother in prison and having my son hate me for it. Or losing in court in Colombia and here in broward.