Lebanese father speaks about alleged abduction

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Beirut – 20 April 2016

1. Ali El Amine, Lebanese father of two children at the heart of custody dispute, UPSOUND (Arabic): “I’m not ready to say anything right now.”

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Ali El Amine, Lebanese father of two children at the heart of custody dispute:

“From day one I said I have nothing against Sally (the Australian mother) and it still stands. So, yeah.” UPSOUND of journalist: “And you have come to an agreement?” “Have I come to an agreement, maybe, possibly, I don’t know. Like I said, wait till… it’s gonna be a matter of an hour and everyone will know everything. So you guys can get updated. Right now I just have to go and grab something out of the car.” UPSOUND of journalist: “Has it been very stressful for you?” “Of course, of course.” UPSOUND of journalist: “How are your kids doing?” “The kids don’t know anything about what’s happening.” UPSOUND of journalist: “You managed to shelter them from this?” “From the most part, I mean no one knows how they move or anything like that, which is the most important thing right now. That’s about it.” UPSOUND of journalist: “You guys are going to stay in the country?” “Are we going to stay in the country? Of course, we live here. Where would we go? I mean this is where we are based this is where we were all based from day one, so yeah.” UPSOUND of journalist: “So you met here?” “We didn’t meet here, we didn’t meet here, but we moved to live here. Excuse me.”

3. Various of exteriors of courthouse with sign (Arabic) reading: “Justice palace”

4. Ghassan Mogabgab (left on screen), lawyer of Sally Faulkner, walking up to courthouse


The Lebanese father at the centre of an international custody dispute on Wednesday said there might be an agreement with his estranged wife.

A Lebanese investigative judge will likely issue a decision on an alleged children abduction case involving Australian and British nationals in Beirut on Wednesday.

The lawyer for the the father said they will hope to settle and to to reconcile with the mother of the children.

The case is also involving four members of an Australian TV crew who were with the mother at the moment of the attempted abduction together with two British nationals of a child recovery agency.

Ali El Amine, Lebanese father of two children at the heart of custody dispute.