US police want Kenyan man over abduction of sons

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A father allegedly abducted his two sons from their home in Shapokee, Minnesota, US, and fled to Kenya.
Mr Shem Ongeri Nyabicha, 33, is alleged to have kidnapped his two sons aged 2 and 4 years old on August 27 after an argument with his girlfriend.
The State Department in conjunction with the US Embassy in Nairobi is relying on the goodwill of the Kenyan Police to arrest Mr Nyabicha.
According to court documents filed at the Scott County District Court, Mr Nyabicha sent a text to his girlfriend stating that he and the boys were staying overnight at a location he did not specify.
However, he did not return the boys home, and on August 30, the mother called the police to report them missing.
She told the police that Mr Nyabicha had earlier threatened to take the children to Kenya but she did not believe him as they did not have passports.
Two days after Mr Nyabicha failed to return, she discovered that the children’s birth certificates were missing.
She told the police that Mr Nyabicha had called from Kenya and told her that he had already hurt their youngest son and was going to “finish him off.”
On August 31, he called again telling the woman that he would return to the US with the boys in time for the new school semester commencing on September 7.
He has not yet returned and has subsequently been charged with felony counts of kidnapping and deprivation of parental rights…More info Click here