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خطف الأطفال على يد الآباء والأمهات.. جريمة منسية وأسبابها الرئيسية المشاكل الزوجية والكيد.. وحسن النية باب الهروب من الحساب.. والشريعة ترفض تسميتها بالخطف.. و”تشريعية البرلمان” لا تمانع تشديد العقوبات

حوادث الخطف والتعدى أصبحت فى تزايد مستمر والضحية غالبا طفل..

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Kidnapped by Mom

In 2006, Chris Gulbraa rode his bike from his home, where he lived with his mother and his brother in Kasugai, Japan. The 15-year-old was going to the airport and he had no intention of ever returning.

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We, the plaintiffs (TBD) have been seperated from their parents and their minor children by the Rules of Domestic Relations Case Procedure Act (Family Procedures Act), unable to meet and participate in child-rearing. In violation of the Japanese Constitution and international treaties, their benefits and rights of child-rearing were not realized, so they formed a class and decided to sue the government in the coming weeks for damages with a state remand lawsuit.

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200,000 Japanese children robbed of their mom or dad each year!

Japanese children pay the price for the country’s single custody law and miss out on the love of a parent.