Meet The Team

Enrique Gutierrez

Founder // CEO

Wanted to be an astranout
(still wants to be one!)

Thomas Meier

Chief Technology Officer

Wanted to be a fighter pilot (F-14, F-18, or F-16)

Alexandra Barrera

Strategic Partnerships Director

Wanted to be a veterinarian

Deanielle Dawra

Director of Advocacy

Wanted to be the first female US President

Jack Pogosian

General Counsel

Wanted to be racecar driver

Haruka Sato

Creator // Japanese Translator

Wanted to be a professional soccer player

Aytan Khalafova

Designer // Illustrator

Wanted to be a journalist

Anca Untu

Script Writer


Leonardo Futuro

Content Writer // Researcher

Wanted to be a diplomat

Benoit Zalinski

Content Writer


Luc van Kerkvoort

Front End Developer

Wanted to be a car mechanic

Jeffrey Nguyen

Full Stack Developer

Wanted to be like his dad.. still does

Rachel Rao

Content Writer


Evgeniya Dolina

Content Writer


Amanda Turen

Voice Actor

Wanted to be an actress

Sathyvelu K.

Podcast Producer // Host

Wanted to be a Power Ranger