Our Long Term Vision

We believe every child deserves to have a relationship with both their parents, regardless of their marital status. In partnership with local NGOs and communities, we will continue to provide minors with digital access to find their parents, support families with social services to ensure a smooth family reunification process in high need areas. Our long term vision is to leverage the power of AI technology, social and advocacy platforms to inform policy reform and ultimately change the narrative around parental child abduction and alienation.

Our Theory Of Change

At individual levels

Eli gets to communicate and connect with both her parents (through our FMP app, social media conversations and the advocacy work we do to educate people about the importance of having both of your identities).

At community levels

Through our education and advocacy work and on the ground events/activites working with other NGOs, influencers, we are able to show that a joint custody is better for the kids. Eli’s parents recognise the importance of having both the parents for Eli.

At country level

Countries recognise the importance of having a realistic Hague convention which is enforced and pressure other countries who are not abiding by it. Countries start investing into tech that helps children and parents to relocate their alienated family.

At global level

All countries opt in to make joint custody as the default and have an international organized method to return abducted children.

Goal reached

When we have achieved all of the four steps, we are done reaching our goal and that’s the change that we are fighting for.