Protecting Children in Family Separation from a Psychological Perspective

A look in the psychological aspects and impacts of divorce and separation on children. The discussion of mediation, its foundations, and impacts with children are also included within this presentation. By: NORIKO ODAGIRITOKYO INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY

So you are thinking of marrying a Japanese…?

If you are thinking of marrying a Japanese citizen, congratulations!  But to protect against the unthinkable, you should consider the following now.  Should you decide to go ahead, you will hopefully be one of the happy international marriages out there.  But if it doesn’t last, it wont just be you who looses, it will be […]

Parents and children brief information about current legislation

This brochure provides briefinformation about parenthood,custody, maintenance for childrenand related matters.The regulations described hereare mainly found in the Childrenand Parents Code (1949:381). Youwill find the most recent version ofthe Children and Parents Code withall admendments entered into theoriginal text on the