Co-Parenting Right with Michael Daniels, CEO of Fayr Co-parenting App (Part 2)

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In this episode of You’re Double Podcast, We are speaking to the CEO of Fayr, Michael David Daniels. Fayr is a co-parenting app that allows co-parents to effortless communicate, create a shared calendar while keeping track of expenses. It also helps co-parents to prepare legal documents and much much more. In the first part with Michael, we talk a lot about the app and how it helps in reducing conflicts between co-parents. In the second part, we talk broader topics such as choosing the right partner, managing conflict with your children and co-parent, introducing new partner to your ex-spouse, and so much more.

Fayr was born out of two desires: to become a better co-parent, and to make the experience of co-parenting better.

After his separation, Michael found it a constant challenge to be the best, most present father he could be. The time he wanted to spend focused on his children was instead taken up by tedious documentation, scheduling and preparing for court.

Why wasn’t there an alternative to this time consuming, anxiety producing way co-parents were forced interact?

Enter Fayr. Our app encompasses the whole range of co-parents needs – financial, documentation, geo pinpointing, scheduling, communication – for the entire time you’re co-parenting.

What makes us different? At Fayr, it’s not just about efficiency and ease (though we love those). We also help you create a better co-parenting experience by providing tools for: constructive communication, argument diffusion, and emotional support.

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