Catherine Heath

DOCTOR OF LAW (Moscow State Law Academy), JURIS DOCTOR (University of New South Wales) Catherine has been practicing since 2000 as a family law solicitor and barrister. Her main areas of legal practice are multi-jurisdictional divorce cases, complex property settlements involving high-net-worth individuals, international pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and parenting matters. Catherine acquired her Doctor of Law degree in 2001. In 2008, Dr Heath was elected a Fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML). Dr. Heath has been an expert witness in cases involving family law and prepared numerous reports for the High Court of England and Wales, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, the Family Court of Australia and other highest courts of the land in various jurisdictions. Catherine was invited to co-author all 5 editions of ‘Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons’ with a number of leading family law practitioners from around the world. Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons has become the “must-have” publication for all family and divorce lawyers throughout the world who require a comprehensive and practical guide to the key components of family law across a multitude of major jurisdictions. Catherine has successfully acted in a large number of family matters including high-profile cases that gained the media spotlight. A highly effective family lawyer, she provides clear expert advice on all aspects of law tailored to clients’ needs and offers a strategic approach to the management of litigation. Clients can expect superior professionalism coupled with the determination to represent their interests with the best advice, guidance, and execution. Catherine has assisted clients across the spectrum of family law matters, both financial and parenting. She handles domestic and international family law issues such as – divorce; – cross-border enforcement of court orders; – pre nuptial and post nuptial agreements; – complex property settlements including matters involving substantial asset pools; – complex parental disputes; – international relocation of children; – international child abduction; – appeals. Although well-experienced in litigation and always driven to produce the best results for her clients, Catherine is committed to non-confrontational divorce and settling cases wherever possible. Down to earth and realistic about the case prospects – she always provides client-focused, strategic expert advice.

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