Can you imagine growing up without the love of your father or mother?​

There are 350 million children who are unable to experience the love of a father or a mother. The blame lies the on laws and cultural norms that ignore the best interest of children.

What exactly is Parental Alienation?

Manipulative steps a parent takes in order to isolate the child from the other parent.

It affects 350 million kids worldwide.

What does 350 million mean, exactly? 15% of ALL children around the globe.​

4x Greater Risk of Poverty

7x more likely to become pregnant as a teen

2x more likely to suffer from obesity

2x more likely to drop out of high school

2x greater risk of infant mortality

More likely to commit crime

Curious about what we do to help the situation?

Check out Find My Parent's efforts to reduce parental alienation and abductions.