Japan Abduction Tell-All (With Vincent Fichot, James Cook, Tomas Savickas, Rachel Endo and More) – Part 1

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Welcome to a very special anniversary episode of You’re Double Podcast. We have released 50 episodes so far and this is a very special episode. We have a group of people who have been advocating for positive change in Japan for years. This is an in-depth discussion between these guests on the topics of parental alienation and abduction in Japan, including the experience a left-behind parent goes through, how people can help, how politicians and global agencies can contribute to change, and so much more.

Who are the guests? In this two-part episode, You’re Double features six high-profile individuals with extensive knowledge and experience related to the issue of parental abduction in Japan. This includes FMP co-founders Enrique, Deanielle and Vincent as well as James Cook, Tomas Savickas, and Rachel Endo. All guests have recorded prior podcast episodes with FMP so if you want to hear more about their stories, please have a listen to those episodes.