My Son’s Abduction to Thailand, Hague Convention, Japan and more – Kris von Habsburg, Left Behind Parent

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In this episode of You're double podcast we are speaking to Kris who is from Netherlands and he has an extensive legal experience especially nationality law. How we at FMP got connected to Kris is a pretty interesting story. Kris heard about the hunger strike that Vincent did through the news and decided to come forward with his own story and how his son was abducted to Thailand almost 2 decades back.

He wrote a blog post about his own experience with the abduction, the trauma that he felt, and also the Hague Convention. What was special about the article is that he was able to break down how Japan can systematically adopt the Hague convention. So, we reached out to invite him to share his story with us.

Now, before we get to the episode, I would like to inform all our listeners that Glen Wood, someone we have had in this podcast, is retrying his paternity harassment or Patahara case in the Tokyo High Court and at the Labor Relationship Commission of Tokyo in September.

If you would like to support him, you can go to for more details on his court case. It will be awesome if you are in Japan and you can attend his court case. It is happening on September 10th from 2pm in Tokyo High Court – courtroom number 822.

Now, I would like to remind everyone that our goal here is to share knowledge with you guys and show that you are not alone in this. With that said, if you need specific legal advice, please get your own independent advice from a qualified legal practitioner.

If you are a minor, or if you happen to have difficulty in understanding certain parts within this episode, please approach a responsible adult or someone knowledgeable and ask them for clarifications. We have done our best to make sure that it doesn't offend anyone and if you have further questions or comments regarding Find My Parent or the interview, you can mail me at

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Alright folks, That is it for this week, and speak to you next week! Take care till then.