Opinions of a 15-Year-old on Parental Alienation, Divorce, Marriages, Foster Care, etc.

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This episode is rather unconventional compared to our normal content where we talk to parents, experts and mainly adults about parenting, alienation, divorces and so on. In this episode, we are talking to Jayden Martinez, a 15 year old who have valuable insights into how she thinks about her parents marriage, her experience with foster kids, her views on parental alienation, divorce, marriage, having kids and so on.

Now, Jayden's situation is a bit different compared to most teenagers as her parents got separated when she was younger, but then they reconciled and got remarried after sometime. Her parents are also active foster parents, which means Jayden had the opportunity to talk to a lot of kids who are coming from broken families. I believe that it helped her to shape and expand her understanding of the world and you will see that her opinions are rather unique compared to most teenagers. I was also assisted by the CEO of findmyparent.org, Enrique and also Director of Outreach, Cathia through out this episode.

With that said, we are also looking into expanding this podcast to include kids and teenagers who have opinions on these heavy topics with the hope of giving a voice to everyone to speak about these topics. Now, if you are interested to be a part of this podcast, just reach out to me through my email at sk@findmyparent.org

You can also reach out to Jayden through cathia.lan@findmyparent.org and Cathia will assist you in getting the message to Jayden.


I would like to remind everyone that our goal here is to share knowledge with you guys and show that you are not alone in this. With that said, if you need specific legal advice, please get independent advice from a qualified legal practitioner.

If you are a minor, or if you happen to have difficulty in understanding certain parts within this episode, please approach a responsible adult or someone knowledgeable and ask them for clarifications. We have done our best to make sure that it doesn't offend anyone and if you have further questions or comments regarding Find My Parent or the interview, you can mail me at sk@findmyparent.org.

If you are someone who got separated from your own parent, and would like to find your parent again, please go to https://findmyparent.org and fill out your details. With the help of our smart algorithms and matching technology, we hope to help you find your alienated parent again. If you are part of an NGO or even a private company passionate about this topic, please reach out through the contact us page in findmyparent.org and we hope to work together with you. (https://findmyparent.org/contact).

Alright folks, That is it for this week, and speak to you next week! Take care till then.