Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act

Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act – provides guidance to U.S. courts on custody disputes and divorce proceedings to protect against family abductions

International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act

International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act – makes it a federal felony offense in the United States to remove, or attempt to remove, a child under the age of 16 from the United States with the intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights

The Rights of Parents and Children: How to Better Implement the Goldman Act on Child Abduction

Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 – 1:00pmLocation: 2172 Rayburn and Virtual, via Cisco WebEx Announcement Please join the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for a hearing on “The Rights of Parents and Children: How to Better Implement the Goldman Act on Child Abduction.”  The Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes that “the child, for the full and harmonious development […]

الاختطاف الدولي للأطفال في اليابان

 معارفهم أو أحد أفراد أسرتهم إلى اليابان أو الاحتفاظ بهم في اليابان بما يتعارض مع قانون دولة أخرى. وتتعلق معظم الحالات بأم يابانية تصطحب أطفالها إلى اليابان في تحد للزيارة أو أوامر الحضانة المشتركة الصادرة عن المحاكم الغربية. هذه القضية هي مشكلة متنامية مع زيادة عدد الزيجات الدولية . [1] غالبًا ما يكون لاختطاف الوالدين تأثير مدمر بشكل خاص […]

2014 MOFA pamphlet explaining Hague Treaty on Child Abductions to J citizens (full text with synopsis, including child-beating NJ father on cover & victimized J mothers throughout) UPDATE: With link to MOFA pdf and official E translation

Hello Blog.  Japan, after years of pressure from overseas, is now a signatory to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, where children of international marriages are to be protected against psychologically-damaging abductions and severed contact with one parent after marriage dissolution and divorce.  Debito.org has covered this issue extensively in the past.  What […]

Parents and children brief information about current legislation

This brochure provides briefinformation about parenthood,custody, maintenance for childrenand related matters.The regulations described hereare mainly found in the Childrenand Parents Code (1949:381). Youwill find the most recent version ofthe Children and Parents Code withall admendments entered into theoriginal text on the websitewww.lagrummet.se