Japan Tries to Fix a Child Custody System Under Fire From All Sides

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Thanks to sole custody, limited visitation and weak courts, kids are often estranged from one parent. But opponents of reform say some proposed changes could make matters worse. By Marika Katanuma January 24, 2023 at 10:00 PM GMT+2 Yasuo Hojyo was home alone when his wife and five-year-old son appeared in the doorway. He said the […]

Takaya kidnapped while on vacation to Japan

Takaya Teton japan parental abduction Find My Parent

My son was kidnapped during a family vacation in Japan, just a few days prior to our scheduled return home to Canada. I was taking a morning shower and when I exited the bathroom my son, Takaya, and wife, Chieko, had disappeared from the Yokohama hotel room.  Read the rest of the story in my […]

Toddler & breastfeeding baby taken from mother

Two children abducted from the house in Tokyo by their father Abduction date: August 10th, 2013 My Son Towa – 2 years old (33-month-old) of age / toddler My Daughter Ayano – 3 months of age / Breast-feeding baby Missing in 2022 :  9 Years Written on March 16, 2022 My ex-husband used to say […]

‘Whoever abducts first wins’: Why Japan won’t allow this Australian mother to see her children

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Catherine Henderson says she hasn’t spoken with her two teenage children since they were abducted by their father over three years ago; something that’s legal under Japan’s custody system. Catherine Henderson with her two children and then husband in 2011. This image has been digitally altered. Credit: Supplied. Watch the documentary ‘Japan’s Taken Children’ at 9.30pm Tuesday […]