F. v. A.

INCADAT legal file Hague parental abduction

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The application related to a child born to an American mother and Italian father. The parents at no stage participated in a conventional relationship. They met and developed a friendship. Ms A at this time wished to become a mother, but not to have an on-going relationship. Mr F agreed to assist Ms A to become pregnant.
The child was born in Italy in April 1999. The mother, who worked as a computer consultant, led a peripatetic existence moving between various European States and the USA completing assignments. It was her intention to continue this lifestyle with the child until he reached school going age when they would establish a more settled base in the United States.
The mother’s plan worked well for 4 years and the child had frequent contact with his father and the paternal family. However in September 2003, after a period of contact, the paternal family refused to return the child to the mother. The mother travelled to the paternal family home and secured the return of the child in late September. At the end of the month she took the child to the USA. The father issued return proceedings.