Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults, and Beliefs

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In the post 911 world, people are more susceptible than ever to charismatic figures who offer simple, black v. white, us v. them, good v. evil, formulaic solutions. The rise of the Internet; increasingly sophisticated knowledge about how to influence and manipulate others; and the growing vulnerabilities of people across the planet—make for a dangerous, potentially devastating combination. Steven Hassan’s new book provides the knowledge and awareness needed to help yourself and loved ones avoid or escape from such dangerous people and situations. The Internet is now the primary vehicle for recruitment and indoctrination. It is also a means for spreading sophisticated information about social psychology, hypnosis, and other techniques of social control, which are being used—in ways both effective and dangerous—by “influence professionals.” Meanwhile, people are becoming increasingly vulnerable. provides help for yourself, a loved one, or a friend.