From the Mob to the Therapist’s Chair

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Dr. Monty Weinstein grew up in a wealthy family that made its millions off the grid and most definitely illegally. He was the birth son of a notorious mobster, and hustled his way through his teen-age years packing a pistol that was supplied by his very own father. He was encouraged to show it off while he made the rounds collecting the “rent” that small business owners reluctantly turned over to him as part of his summer job. He felt powerful, cocky, intimidating and proud, at least for a few weeks. Then he began to feel weary, hopeless and ashamed. He didn’t like the guilt that was settling into his soul. When the guilt started keeping him awake at night, he started to ponder what else might be out there for him. Young Monty was somehow able to bumble his way through high school, and once settled into college, found his spark of new beginnings in a philosophy class. He became focused and devoted to strengthening the family unit. Once Dr. Monty broke free from his past, he was able to create a successful, rewarding career as a marriage and family therapist. It was during his experiences as a marriage and family therapist where he began to realize that some parents going through divorce were being severely alienated by their ex-spouses, and children were being brainwashed and literally turned against the other parent. Parental alienation syndrome is a phenomenon that is calculated and widespread across all races and socioeconomic boundaries. Children are systematically and methodically turned against the other parent. It is an epidemic that is slowly being recognized nationwide. Dr. Monty has made it his business to uncover the truth and create more awareness that this phenomenon is occurring worldwide.