Litigating Parental Alienation: Evaluating and Presenting an Effective Case in Court

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There is no doubt that parental alienation exists and that U.S. courts have acknowledged the concept, although the theory can sometimes be misused. This practitioner’s manual provides an overview of the concept of parental alienation and explains how to correctly handle it in court. “Hands-on” practice pointers and sample materials on litigating parental alienation make this an essential resource for the family lawyer. This book focuses on one of the most important issues that our legal system confronts: the rights of children. More broadly, this book informs and guides trial lawyers whose cases involve emotion-laden issues, and the need for science-based evidence. provides an in-depth examination of evaluating a case of parental alienation and practical guidance for handling a case in court. As these cases involve not just family law practitioners, this book offers science, case law, and practice pointers for guardians ad litem, family court judges, referees, minors’ counsel, and custody evaluators.