Understanding and Managing Parental Alienation: A Guide to Assessment and Intervention

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In Janet Haines, Mandy Matthewson, and Marcus Turnbull offer a comprehensive analysis of contemporary understanding of parental alienation. Grounded in recent scientific advances, this is the first book of its kind providing resources on how to identify parental alienation and a guide to evidence-based interventions. Recognizing parental alienation and knowing when to intervene is often the biggest challenge faced by practitioners; this book provides a guide to this process. Divided into six parts, this book examines what parental alienation is and how it is caused, how it affects each family member as a mental health concern and form of violence, and how to assess, identify, and intervene successfully from a legal and therapy standpoint. Taking on a gender-neutral approach, the book is filled with contemporary case examples from male and female perspectives, cutting-edge research, practitioner-client dialogues, and practitioners’ reflections to show the difficult realities of parental alienation.