Woody, Healer of Hearts and Souls

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Come inside the mind, thoughts, and feelings of a dog with a wise old soul, very focused on helping and healing the humans in my life. Follow me through several homes where you will meet families and friends I have lived with, loved, prayed for, taught and learned from. Laugh, cry and love with me on my journey from Georgia to the Northeast to find Madolyn and help heal her breaking heart. Through my relationship and travels with her, I also touch the hearts and souls of her friends, while my own heart literally breaks and bleeds. But I’m comforted with the assurance I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to do, and that with my Madolyn, love always flows freely in both directions. Some say dogs come back as humans in their next life, and some people say all dogs go to Heaven, and both are partially correct. We sometimes go to Heaven, and we sometimes come back, but not as humans! We begin life with a love of humans already in us and and because love should always be a two way street, our baby canine noses can always smell whether people have the scent of the love of dogs on them or not.