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INCADAT legal file Hague parental abduction

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The mother and father met in 2016 in Spain. At that time the father was renting an apartment in Spain and had de-registered from the Municipal Personal Records Database in the Netherlands in 2014. The father lead an international (business) life. For a while, the mother took care of the father’s two daughters from his previous relationship for a while in the father’s apartment in Spain when the father was being detained. The mother’s parents lived in Spain and the mother visited regularly over the years. In February 2017, the mother de-registered from the Municipal Personal Records Database in the Netherlands, where she stated ‘Spain’ as her residence abroad. She informed the Dutch Tax authorities and the authorities of her previous Dutch municipality of her address in Spain, and received mail from these authorities at that address. In that same period, the mother terminated her business in the Netherlands and de-registered from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The mother and the father registered in a Spanish municipality and with the Spanish Alien Police, shortly before the mother gave birth in July 2018. The couple also rented an apartment in the Netherlands. Whilst pregnant, the mother visited hospitals in both Spain and the Netherlands. By joint decision of the parents, the minors were born in Spain, and the mother lived virtually uninterruptedly in the apartment in Spain from May 2018 until she left for the Netherlands with the minors in September 2018.