You’re Not Crazy: Overcoming Parent/Child Alienation

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This book was written for the alienated parent, whether in the beginning or advanced stages. So many reactions, such as: “You must have done something to your son/daughter to have caused them to not talk to you” “When people get divorced, the blame is 50/50; so what did YOU do?” In therapy: “You have to listen to your son/daughter without getting defensive or telling them what they are saying is not true. It is their reality!” “Your child is old enough to choose not to live with you”, at times said when the child is 11, 12, 13, 14 and up years of age! Children cannot drive, drink, vote and do many other things until they reach a certain age. Why is a brainwashed child legally supported in rejecting a once beloved parent? “Your son/daughter is an adult. They couldn’t still be under the influence of the other parent and his/her family” The answer to all the above is “ALL OF THE ABOVE STATEMENTS ARE FALSE, FALSE, FALSE!” Parental alienation is child abuse. It is time for the courts, attorneys, guardians ad litem, child protection personnel, psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, families and friends to recognize it for what it is and put a stop to it.