[May 2021 version] 13 unscrupulous divorce lawyers who still receive success rewards for “preventing visitation exchanges”

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So far, 9 lawyers have removed the “Success fee for blocking visits” display

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Believe it or not, there are unscrupulous divorce lawyers in Japan who are proudly engaged in the illegal business of preventing parent-child visitation exchanges.

This site investigates unscrupulous divorce lawyers who clearly state on their homepage the illegal content of lawyer compensation that “receive a success fee by blocking visitation exchanges”, and has posted a list from May 24, 2020. ..

Since the publication began, a total of nine lawyers, three in October 2020, two in November, and four in May 2021, have confirmed that such fraudulent compensation claims have been eliminated.

Such supervision and guidance should be carried out by the bar association that should supervise lawyers, but the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and each bar association are not currently fully functioning as an institution that supervises lawyers. Therefore, it is unavoidable that this site supervises lawyers from the perspective of the general public by publishing unscrupulous lawyers in articles.

In fact, the fact that nine lawyers have eliminated fraudulent compensation claims is a small but successful result of this article.

On the other hand, some virtue lawyers have been newly found to display a reward of “successful reward for blocking visitation exchanges”. And, as of May 2021, it has been found that 13 unscrupulous divorce lawyers are proudly posting on their homepage the contents of getting a success fee from the business to prevent visitation exchanges, as shown below.

13 unscrupulous divorce lawyers who are paid for success in the visitation prevention business

 Representative lawyer name (Affiliation office / bar association)Success fee conditions and success fee amount
 Osamu Shibata
* Has a history of disciplinary action
(Okayama Themis Law Office, Okayama)Tamaki Itaya(Okayama Themis Law Office, Okayama)Hiromi Yamauchi(Okayama Themis Law Office, Okayama)Kiyoshi Miyazaki (Okayama Themis Law Office, Okayama)
* No photo
If you refuse or significantly limit visitation exchangesStart fee 598,000 yen + Success fee 598,000 yen = Total 1,196,000 yen
Tatsuya Hagiwara(Very Best Lawyer Corporation, Dai-Ichi Tokyo) Yasushi Fujii(Very Best Lawyer Corporation, Dai-Ichi Tokyo)When the visitation exchange is blocked (when the other party’s request is not accepted at all) ” Success” reward 330,000 yen
Riyori Matoba(Lawyer corporation VERY BEST, Daini Tokyo)Same as above
Osamu Shimizu (Biwako Ohashi Law Office, Shiga)When the visitation exchange is blocked (when the other party’s request is not accepted at all) “Success” reward 50,000-200,000 yen depending on the degree of conflict
Shota Suzuki (Suzuki General Law Office, Tokyo)Preventing visitation exchanges (when the other party’s request is not accepted at all) ” Success” reward 110,000 yen
Masashi Sumiyoshi (Sumiyoshi Law Office, Gifu Prefecture)When the request of the other party of the visitation exchange is blocked in whole or in part ” Success” reward 220,000 yen
Naosuke Tokuman (Sapporo Tokumitsu Law Office, Sapporo)Preventing visitation exchanges” Success” reward 110,000 yen ~
Takahiro Nakanishi(Nirai General Law Office, Okinawa)Naoko Koga(Nirai General Law Office, Okinawa)When the number of visits is reduced“Success” reward 150,000 yen (excluding tax)

* Okayama Themis Law Office is particularly malicious in terms of amount, etc., so we will list all working lawyers in office.

(Reference) A lawyer who stopped displaying “Success fee for blocking visitation exchanges” as pointed out on this site.

Hiroshi Yamaguchi
(Nihonbashi Kanda Law Office, Tokyo) Tomoharu Fuchi
(Second Tokyo)
* No photo
If visitation exchanges were “blocked”
” success” fees 150,000 yen (excluding tax)
※ confirm the removal of the above-mentioned contents (2020/11/12)
B Lawyer
(Dai-Ichi Tokyo)
T Lawyer
(Dai-Ichi Tokyo)
N Lawyer
(Dai-Ichi Tokyo)
S Lawyer
(Dai-Ichi Tokyo)

“Success” reward 200,000 yen
if visitation exchange is blocked * Confirmed deletion of the above contents (2021/4/26)
I Lawyer
When the visitation exchange is blocked (when even a part of the other party’s request is not accepted)
“Success” reward 200,000 yen
* Confirmed deletion of the above contents (2020/10/16)
K Lawyer
(Tokyo) F lawyer
When the visitation exchange is blocked (when even a part of the other party’s request is not accepted)
“Success” reward 300,000 yen
* Confirmed deletion of the above contents (2020/10/16)

* The face photo and name of the lawyer who canceled the display of “Success fee for blocking visitation exchange” will not be disclosed (excluding Hiroshi Yamaguchi and Tomoharu Fuchibe).

Preventing visitation exchanges infringes on the personal interests of parents and children

The above lawyers wrote on their website, “If you” succeed “in blocking visitation exchanges, you will be rewarded accordingly.” Don’t these lawyers feel embarrassed about what they’re doing, as they profess that they’re working to keep their parents out? What is the “success” of the act of blocking visitation and preventing children from seeing their parents?

Visiting exchanges should be discussed “to implement” from the perspective of child welfare. Article 9 of the United Nations Children’s Rights Convention ratified by Japan also guarantees that children have the right not to be separated from their parents. Even if it is the client’s wish to prevent visitation, the act of a lawyer who earns income from work that harms the welfare of an innocent child, which has nothing to do with the parent’s conflict, is against public order and morals. I think that there.

On February 17, 2021, the Tokyo District Court ruled that personal interests in parent-child relationships were recognized. From this, it is clear that blocking visitation is an infringement of interests for both parents and children. Parent-child separation is also a DV for the separated parent by the parent trying to separate the parent and child.

Of course, if parents have problems such as child abuse, it is natural that visitation exchanges are restricted or prohibited. Even in that case, from the perspective of the interests of the child, a method of conducting visitation exchanges should be sought, such as by having a third party attend the visit. Visiting exchanges should not be blocked by the intent of the attorney for the purpose of compensation or the custody parent who is the client.

Lawyers who are paid for the illegal act of blocking visitation exchanges have become parties that impair the welfare of their children by bringing “parent-child conflict” into the “parent-child relationship” of visitation exchanges. I would like you to deepen your understanding of the purpose of Article 766 of the Civil Code, which stipulates visitation exchanges, and the “United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child,” which stipulates inseparability of parents and children and regular contact.

In the future, I would like to continue to check the homepage to see if these lawyers intend to continue “shameful acts” that separate parents and children and make their children cry and earn income. It should be noted that the above-mentioned unscrupulous lawyers are part of the lawyers, and we believe that many lawyers understand the importance of conducting visitation exchanges to protect the interests of children.

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